Thursday, January 25, 2007

well, well .. its Republic day again...

So its once again the republic day hurray.. .. okk there only two days in the whole year when we show respect to our tricolor flag.. and came to know that we are still in India not in USA , UK.. as our call center buddies believe.. (their ascent of English.. uff.. ).. so how do you know its the R-Day...well let me remind u.. 26th jan is the R-day.. and 15th aug is I-day... its sooo confusing to remember isnt it..cant they do things on d same day...

The signs that show its R or I -day..

1. U will see tricolor on every vehicle ...two , four.. truck.. tempo.. every one will b having a tricolor..some more enthusiastic put one in front and another one on back side.. and they are temporary for one day .. okk carawala's will carry them for long time.. jst becoz they forget that there is sum thing lyk tricloro flag is in their car..

2. U will hear vandematram song all over .. if its the elections time soon.. else.. no forget abut it..

3. Kids selling tricolor at every chouraha ... and they will sell those flags on very high price.. after all its the only day for them to earn money ... from those enthusiastic ppl who are trying so hard to prove that they are Indian..

4. There will b decorations in your company.. ballons.. posters.. flags on every desk...and jst now i had cake... it was part of celebrations.. .... ooh i forgot to tell u i brought one for my desk too.. and too for jst 20/- Rs.. frm a square near my company..

5. U will see all the yahoo status .. muzik status on gTalk .. all patirotic. .. i have kept it indyah.. and made a pic of myself having tricolor in background... and at the end of the day u will receive .lotss msgs and mails for the R-day.. and will read same mail from different ppl.. which are same as they sent last year..

6. All the radios in the city will b shouting aloud about r-day... RED FM mumbai an exception.. although.

7. All the papers filled with R-day offer .. after all why shopkeepers remain behind in selling the R-day..

8.Mall's are decorated .. filled with flags.. its holiday lotss ppl will want to spend money on shopping..

9.ur frendz are discussing plans for movies and how to spend this long weekend... very very long weekend..

10. there will b address to the nation by president on DD1.. and it will the headline of next day's news paper.. filled with lotss promises.. asking youth to take up.. showing how India has concurred the world...and blah blah..oopss i mean etc etc.

... so the R-day ends.. back to wrk.. my US client is waiting for the product.. call centers are back to there English ascent ... kids on chouraha back to there paper selling buziness ... flags back to there place..and mostly lying on road.. who cares for the law.. F**K the law. ..

Speech over.... jai hind. ..

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jaage hai der tak humme kuch der sone do..

The song jaage hai der tak humme kuch der to sone do.....from film GURU .. its the perfect song for me .. which i wanna to sing every morning i want to sing.. becoz i really hate waking up early ... i dont know why that song is in the movie.. for motivating to to dream .. but my interpretation this song inspires u to sleep.. till u have.. use every second.. keep on checking the clock until it shows exactly 8:30(in my case .. its so so early.. ) ...

thori si raat aur hai.. subh to hone do..

u can get this song from here..


I found a wonderfull fun filled site.. its got all kinds of humor.. weird stories.. funny pics.. and crazy video's worth watching once..

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Rang de Basanti out of oscar..(a copied movie)

Rang De Basanti failed to figure in the nominations shortlist for Oscar , and now people are debating would it be better if Omkara was sent to Oscar it would have made in the category.. producer of Rang De Basanti Ronnie Screwvala says

"I think the US audience has been tilted towards American cinema. Clint Eastwood and Mel Gibson had two winners there in the foreign language category and that gives them a headstart as they are based in the US........ "

But he forgets that Deepa Mehta's Water has been able to make to Oscar as an official entry from Canada so.. its not the problem of not being a US film at least...

Then wat went wrong with Rang de basanti.. it was off course a great film .. energized india youth remember how doctor's AIIMS used it as their voice against Indian govt. during there oppose for the quota in all it was a great india inspirational.. motivational.. youth.. etc. etc.. yeah got thrilling muzik too .. film..

But one point which went missing in all this is it a copy of a French film " Jesus De Montreal ".. how do expect a copied film to nominated for Oscar .. okk Indian audience wasn't aware of this fact so.. for them it was a great work .. an original work.. while it was a copy .. and Indiansied copy of a French at the end.. and the producer & director don't even accept this fact that it was a copy.. or say Smart copy..

You can fool Indian audience for not being aware of the facts but i don't think .. you can carry on this bluff at the international stage.. better we should do our homework first and produce some good original Indian films.. rather then criticizing others for telling us the bitter truth..

Update :: Water has made to last five in the foreign film category..

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.. on yahoo Answer..

I Recently saw a question posted by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on yahoo answers ok i knw Yahoo! Answer is very popular but i not gonna to believe that President of India will post questions on Yahoo! Answers .. i though it to b some spammer.. but question that was asked was not lyk wat a spamer will ask..then i saw a OFFICIAL mark on the profile of the person who asked the question ... i got more confused .. then finally i saw a note in the end of the question by yahoo! staff..

Which took me to Yahoo! Answers Team (India) 's blog where i saw abut there campaign Ask the Planet... after receiving a overwhelming response from other parts of world(as they say it.. although i never heard of it.. ) they are now promoting it in the india where..

For those wondering what Ask the Planet is and how it works, here’s the gist. In the next few weeks we will have Indian luminaries and featured users ask the planet some of the biggest, thought-provoking questions that revolve around the most pressing issues we face today. The best answer to each question will be picked by the asker himself and the answerer chosen has the chance to win cool prizes (when we mean cool, we mean really cool!). So register yourself and start answering!


humm nice prmotional scheme.. starting it with President of India.. i hope they will get the response they expect.. at least they got one (me :D)..

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dreaming of making free telephone calls across the globe? The day might not be far of.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd's subscribers with 'triple play' connections - voice, data and TV - through one broadband connection would be able to make free telephone calls in the next six months, BSNL Kolkata circle Chief General Manager, S K Chakravarty, said.. although it will for kolkata initially but isn't it gr8..i wish wen it will come to my city..yipeee

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

31st nite..

While i was having party at madh island on 31st nite .. with all those dancing and DJ's.. xcept that poor mgmt.. which put me off a bit.. and that late nite cold .. uff .. at that time the other end of city the Gateway of India ... was witnessing a horrible act ..

A girl was molested in public by a crowd while she was there to celebrate her was reported by mid-day ... it was a real shocking incident.. as the Mumbai city is considered much safer for the womens to roam around in nite.... and such a horrible incident happens in the mid of the crowd is truly not the way bombay is supposed to be .. there were so many police men to guard the public but the ppl who did this act were not having any fear from the police..

The gal who suffered this .. must been thru a real mental shock .. even wen his male friend tried to protect her.. the crowd was so crazy that they thrown him off...

Apart from all that sympathy for that gal .. i do have one question in my mind.. why didn't the gal wore sum sober clothing for going to such an crowded place.. ??

The place was suppose to be crowded we all know... in mumbai the juhu beach.. or choppaty kinda public places are going to crowded with sum cheap crowd .. even i avoid going to such places on these day.. but that brave gal went in mid of the crowd wearing a dress which was showing her cleavage and her legs clearly.. does it make any sens to go to such place this way.. its okk of ur going to a private party or disc..

But in the mid of the crowd... having ppl. who might not have been so close to a gal wearing such a outfit .. will try to en cash the chance..

In all .. i do condemn the incident.. but it doesn't mean there was no fault on the gals side.. its the responsibility of all of us... the police , the crowd .. and even the gal... to keep this city safe for ladies..