Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Rang de Basanti out of oscar..(a copied movie)

Rang De Basanti failed to figure in the nominations shortlist for Oscar , and now people are debating would it be better if Omkara was sent to Oscar it would have made in the category.. producer of Rang De Basanti Ronnie Screwvala says

"I think the US audience has been tilted towards American cinema. Clint Eastwood and Mel Gibson had two winners there in the foreign language category and that gives them a headstart as they are based in the US........ "

But he forgets that Deepa Mehta's Water has been able to make to Oscar as an official entry from Canada so.. its not the problem of not being a US film at least...

Then wat went wrong with Rang de basanti.. it was off course a great film .. energized india youth remember how doctor's AIIMS used it as their voice against Indian govt. during there oppose for the quota in all it was a great india inspirational.. motivational.. youth.. etc. etc.. yeah got thrilling muzik too .. film..

But one point which went missing in all this is it a copy of a French film " Jesus De Montreal ".. how do expect a copied film to nominated for Oscar .. okk Indian audience wasn't aware of this fact so.. for them it was a great work .. an original work.. while it was a copy .. and Indiansied copy of a French at the end.. and the producer & director don't even accept this fact that it was a copy.. or say Smart copy..

You can fool Indian audience for not being aware of the facts but i don't think .. you can carry on this bluff at the international stage.. better we should do our homework first and produce some good original Indian films.. rather then criticizing others for telling us the bitter truth..

Update :: Water has made to last five in the foreign film category..

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Blogger bhuvan gupta said...

they really need to put in innovative n creative ideas...
and when some1 tries dat.. our very own shivsena and others are ready to kick 'em out.. jus like the case with WATER... but thumbs up to the brave mira.. who still made the film.. and made us proud in oscars..

Saturday, February 17, 2007 11:13:00 PM  

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