Monday, January 14, 2008

Internet censorship in india

You can abuse Gandhi here but not Ambedkar or Shivaji(both ranjikant and maratha empror) . Why? because they have lots of followers or they are are part of big political agenda.and how it feels like to be charged with the charges of abusing Shivaji on internet your cyber cafe will be damaged or may be jailed.
But what if you have not done or said anything against any cult(these political leaders have made those great heroes a cult in India) but just because your ISP has give wrong information to police you are jailed and suffer in inhuman conditions over there for 50 odd days..
ask Lakshmana Kailash K a software engineer working in banglore .His alleged crime was posting defamatory photos of Chattrapati Shivaji on the social networking site, Orkut. He was arrested on the basis of the Internet Protocol address provided by his Internet service provider, Bharti. As it turned out, the IP address was not his.
But this took 50 days to verify that this was not his IP addres but of someone else.. he had to undergo lathi beatings and was made to use one bowl to both eat in and for using as a toilet. He has sent legal notice to his ISP, Principal Secretary (Home) Maharashtra government and the Assistant Commissioner of Police (Financial & Cyber Crime Unit), Pune Police asking for a compensation of Rs. 20Cr.(whoooping large sum of money).
What if he was not an educated person the case would have gone unattended by media no would have question police.
But why a person is kept locked for 50 days for what crime he has done posting abusive pics of Shivaji , nobody is going to put Mayawati in the jail for abusing Mahatam Gandhi (and we call him nations father). Under Indian constitution you are allowed to express your views until it hurts someone. But the rule is followed for few you can give any fatwa for killing bush , no one will ask you , you can declare prize for killing MF hussain no one will ask you unless you have political support but you say a wrong word against Ambedkar or Shivaji you will be killed mind you. You can debate over them they are always right you cant question over them. In the land of ram where even Sita was put against agni pariksha we cant question over some emperor are they above GOD.
and those who support these kinda things are they credible one they are asking for molester to be in any condition (as they seems to be north Indians) and very next day they will take some of them who are not north Indian to CM ask for their relaxation, as they are son of the soils so they are allowed to do anything they want why not let the investigation go and have all culprits punished.