Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fight corruption now(http://fightcorruption.wikidot.com/)

This is what the title of the site that i discovered through digg(digg this article here). This is the story of an IAS officer (Indian Administrative Service) in India who is raising his voice against corruption around him.He is one of those few person who have courage to speak up against it.
But his wife does not want him to loose his life like other whistle-blowers like Satyendra Dubey, a government engineer who exposed corruption in the national highway building program. All his efforts to stop corruption seems to go in vein because no body came to know about it before he lost his life and even when media highlighted his murder it was for some time some hype was created .. inquiries set up. But then things came to usual nothing changed national highway building program kinda projects are still corrupt.

whistle-blowers) wife (Jayashree J.N) does not want history to repeat itself , so she has taken his husband voice to internet where it can reach to world. She is posting about all the thing on her blog(http://fightcorruption.wikidot.com/).

India is deep down under corruption, our presidential candidates are facing it , but no body seems to be caring about them apart from using them for political battle. We forget the things as soon as they are out of headlines and let the corruption.This is time for all of us help support this voice and help him to stop corruption. Join the battle against corruption use your best weapon Internet.