Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Internet Democracy.. MAY 1

May 1 a day that will be remembered in the history of Internet democracy . This is the day when popular news site has to put down its services from the fear fear of being sued and shutdown(becoz of MPAA ) and then again need to put on well from the same fear of getting shutdown(becoz its users will run away from it ) .

The story start with a hex no.


this is not a usual no. its the no. which has shacked the roots of million users strong site ..

well its the crack for HD-DVD encryption .. this key has been roaming arnd for a while on net ... almost 3 mnths.. and suddenly it hits the digg's front page . Digg as any other fearful site(they should b) pulls down the the post relating to this and bans(deletes) users who have posted it.

Now the battle starts .. diggers mind speak " ur earing thousands of dollers on us and ur trying to stop us .. do hell with u.. " diggers unite and start posting more and more stories related to HD-DVD crack.. and making use of there network try to make the posts to hit the digg's front page..

digg fight's back it still tries to block the users posting these kinda things .. and uses fliter to stop such kinda content from being posted ..

but digger's u cant stop them they keep on posting n postin ...

Finally losses the fight and puts there weapon down ... put the site up taking the risk of being sued ..

well to show the world diggers have won the battle they make all the front page full of HD-DVD crack related posts ..

this seems to b a ONE TIGHT SLAP in the face of the people who are trying to control the Internet which is suppose to be democratic nature .. may need to close down its services .. if MPAA takes it to court..

But this battle has proved one thing Internet has to be democratic and no one can stop it..

The democratic nature of Internet these days is creating a big hype.. currently in my country ( INDIA ) a controversy aroused when govt. tried to put its decision on giving Quota (Reservation ) in technical institutions to the people of certain CASTE .. they are called OBC here .. in this fight between the students of general category(who don't get reservations ) and govt. the students united and in this Internet has played a major role .. it was only internet which connect students from all over India to unite on one single platform and voice against the govt.

The update on the govt. Vs Students battle is students have winning and govt. is loosing against the massive anger against its policies.

Internet was developed for Military usage which is not democratic by nature ... and now it is used as the most Democratic tool of the for FREE SPEECH (as u say in America ).. really developers of Internet have never thought they making such a powerful tool which will change the world.


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