Friday, May 11, 2007

Internet Radio dead or alive

A bill passed in US congress abut the fees of internet radio might make the it a thing of past .. or except big players lyk yahoo .. will b dead becoz the amount of fees they need to pay for might b higher then the wat they earn and wat they earn genrally these internet radio services are free one's ..
The webcasters don't earn nething out of these .. then how can they pay such huge fees .. and the way internet radio has affected our lives cant be ingnored well i came to knw abut "natasha bedingfield" kinda popular and some other unknown artists thru yahoo music only .. radio is a gr8 medium for selling muzik if u hear something for the first time on radio then u go for it to purchase it in shop.. its one more powerful tool provided by Internet .. and govt. as usual is tryin to suppress it by putting its illogical policies ..

But to a relief some senator are tryin to support the web casters and its all becoz of the support of the masses who have came in favor of Internet radio and sent the petitions to their local representatives ..

you can also support this cause use a gr8 medium digg yeah digg this story here

Lets hope our rocking radio remains alive ....


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