Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A guide to getting Passport in INDIA

Well getting passport in India with all that bureaucratic system is kinda tough.. but after keeping the form filled for two years i have submitted the form very recently to be very specific on 07 Apr 07 (nice date i haven't noticed) ...
I faced some troubles ... its really not easy .. well i thought why not keep a record of all the troubles i have faced .. and share it with the world..
So the process starts with purchasing Passport Form well the best place to buy it Post Office(Main post office of the city) .. it comes for Rs. 20 .. kinda cheap.. filling the form isn't that tough.. rather the new form is quite easy and very less information needs to be given .. all the irrelevant details have been removed..

All the documents you need to attach with it are given in annexure .. well one thing to keep in mind is to have "Emigration Check not required" field chked .. and provide the supported documents .. becoz u will be in great trouble while getting Visa if u haven't checked that field ..

If you are submitting form thru the Post office then you will need to submit the fees thru demand draft of Rs. 1000/- in Favor of Passport Officer , (city name where you are applying for lyk Bhopal in my case) .. well get this DD thing in advance becoz i didn't knew i cant submit cash .. so had little trouble..

One Very important thing to keep in mind while going submitting form keep a Pen , Whitener(Most important) , couple of Photographs , several photocopies of documents your submitting , and their originals..

Okk so you submit the form .. they will give you a receipt .. keep it with you its very important.. well the one most important thing it has is File no. This no. is used to get the status(online) of you passport application .. u can get the status here

Now again entering the File no. isnt that easy as u might think.. the file no u get will b lyk this BPLW23454507 .. the space given for filling the file no. wont accept all the digits.. it accepts only 1 alphabet and 6 digits.. well then the thing that u have to enter it lyk this "W234545" leave rest of the thing.. the last two digits "07" designate the year in which you have submitted the form ..

Its been more then two weeks and i'm still waiting for the Police Verification to be done... well will update you ppl as soon as i get the police verification done..

In the mean time you can go here if having quires regarding the passport


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