Monday, January 15, 2007

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.. on yahoo Answer..

I Recently saw a question posted by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on yahoo answers ok i knw Yahoo! Answer is very popular but i not gonna to believe that President of India will post questions on Yahoo! Answers .. i though it to b some spammer.. but question that was asked was not lyk wat a spamer will ask..then i saw a OFFICIAL mark on the profile of the person who asked the question ... i got more confused .. then finally i saw a note in the end of the question by yahoo! staff..

Which took me to Yahoo! Answers Team (India) 's blog where i saw abut there campaign Ask the Planet... after receiving a overwhelming response from other parts of world(as they say it.. although i never heard of it.. ) they are now promoting it in the india where..

For those wondering what Ask the Planet is and how it works, here’s the gist. In the next few weeks we will have Indian luminaries and featured users ask the planet some of the biggest, thought-provoking questions that revolve around the most pressing issues we face today. The best answer to each question will be picked by the asker himself and the answerer chosen has the chance to win cool prizes (when we mean cool, we mean really cool!). So register yourself and start answering!


humm nice prmotional scheme.. starting it with President of India.. i hope they will get the response they expect.. at least they got one (me :D)..


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