Tuesday, February 20, 2007

For your improving your career..

I was reading a post at thesimpledoller.com which listed some gud points to get better of your career and appraisals as this is the time most of the ppl will be getting appraisals soon.. here is the brife overview of wats there..

1. Make a list of all of the things you did today/this week/this month to help your organization, and file them away.
well this is most important becoz you need to fill the appraisal form with the facts..

Send a thank-you note
Gud one keep it in mind it help you to make some gud frendz also

Work on your writing skills

Design some classy business cards for you
yeah but give to only your business related people not to your friendz i remember one of my giving his business card to me wen i asked his mob no. ... he was with me for 4 years in college.. and its been jst a year he has been in a company.. so business card to your personal contacts seems like jst show off don't do that..

Send a quick contact email
yep keep in touch.. but don't make it lyk Fwded mails

Suggest a solution to a persistent workplace problem
yeah don't make urself lyk a CHAPULS.. fix the problems which help ppl not jst company.It makes me to remember i need to ask admin to get back muzik player back in GYM its so boring without it for all the ppl.

Pick up the phone and make a call
yeah if doesn't cost very much..

Work on your language skills
communications skills are very much important part of lyf.. they can help you to get out of any problem.

Make yourself more presentable
you need to luk good.. ok in the main blog it has been written to carry
some mouthwash, some facial cleanser, a toothbrush... i think u can do this only if u have LADIES bag.. so ladies this one is for you specially.... guys well keep your self presentable thats it.. nothing lyk face cream ..

10. Polish your resume
keep doing this..

11.Read something on topics you plan to be facing in the future in your career
As your doin right now..

Clean your work area
okk this one is for me specially.. i promise i will try my best.. humm sumtime later...

Here is the whole thing...


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