Thursday, January 04, 2007

31st nite..

While i was having party at madh island on 31st nite .. with all those dancing and DJ's.. xcept that poor mgmt.. which put me off a bit.. and that late nite cold .. uff .. at that time the other end of city the Gateway of India ... was witnessing a horrible act ..

A girl was molested in public by a crowd while she was there to celebrate her was reported by mid-day ... it was a real shocking incident.. as the Mumbai city is considered much safer for the womens to roam around in nite.... and such a horrible incident happens in the mid of the crowd is truly not the way bombay is supposed to be .. there were so many police men to guard the public but the ppl who did this act were not having any fear from the police..

The gal who suffered this .. must been thru a real mental shock .. even wen his male friend tried to protect her.. the crowd was so crazy that they thrown him off...

Apart from all that sympathy for that gal .. i do have one question in my mind.. why didn't the gal wore sum sober clothing for going to such an crowded place.. ??

The place was suppose to be crowded we all know... in mumbai the juhu beach.. or choppaty kinda public places are going to crowded with sum cheap crowd .. even i avoid going to such places on these day.. but that brave gal went in mid of the crowd wearing a dress which was showing her cleavage and her legs clearly.. does it make any sens to go to such place this way.. its okk of ur going to a private party or disc..

But in the mid of the crowd... having ppl. who might not have been so close to a gal wearing such a outfit .. will try to en cash the chance..

In all .. i do condemn the incident.. but it doesn't mean there was no fault on the gals side.. its the responsibility of all of us... the police , the crowd .. and even the gal... to keep this city safe for ladies..


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