Thursday, January 25, 2007

well, well .. its Republic day again...

So its once again the republic day hurray.. .. okk there only two days in the whole year when we show respect to our tricolor flag.. and came to know that we are still in India not in USA , UK.. as our call center buddies believe.. (their ascent of English.. uff.. ).. so how do you know its the R-Day...well let me remind u.. 26th jan is the R-day.. and 15th aug is I-day... its sooo confusing to remember isnt it..cant they do things on d same day...

The signs that show its R or I -day..

1. U will see tricolor on every vehicle ...two , four.. truck.. tempo.. every one will b having a tricolor..some more enthusiastic put one in front and another one on back side.. and they are temporary for one day .. okk carawala's will carry them for long time.. jst becoz they forget that there is sum thing lyk tricloro flag is in their car..

2. U will hear vandematram song all over .. if its the elections time soon.. else.. no forget abut it..

3. Kids selling tricolor at every chouraha ... and they will sell those flags on very high price.. after all its the only day for them to earn money ... from those enthusiastic ppl who are trying so hard to prove that they are Indian..

4. There will b decorations in your company.. ballons.. posters.. flags on every desk...and jst now i had cake... it was part of celebrations.. .... ooh i forgot to tell u i brought one for my desk too.. and too for jst 20/- Rs.. frm a square near my company..

5. U will see all the yahoo status .. muzik status on gTalk .. all patirotic. .. i have kept it indyah.. and made a pic of myself having tricolor in background... and at the end of the day u will receive .lotss msgs and mails for the R-day.. and will read same mail from different ppl.. which are same as they sent last year..

6. All the radios in the city will b shouting aloud about r-day... RED FM mumbai an exception.. although.

7. All the papers filled with R-day offer .. after all why shopkeepers remain behind in selling the R-day..

8.Mall's are decorated .. filled with flags.. its holiday lotss ppl will want to spend money on shopping..

9.ur frendz are discussing plans for movies and how to spend this long weekend... very very long weekend..

10. there will b address to the nation by president on DD1.. and it will the headline of next day's news paper.. filled with lotss promises.. asking youth to take up.. showing how India has concurred the world...and blah blah..oopss i mean etc etc.

... so the R-day ends.. back to wrk.. my US client is waiting for the product.. call centers are back to there English ascent ... kids on chouraha back to there paper selling buziness ... flags back to there place..and mostly lying on road.. who cares for the law.. F**K the law. ..

Speech over.... jai hind. ..

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Blogger bhuvan gupta said...

hey!! nice pic bro.. [:-D]...
its a bitter truth that we guys dont even remember those basic things about our nation...

Saturday, April 07, 2007 12:07:00 PM  

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