Monday, May 14, 2007

BBC against Scientology

Scientology a very well know word in wrld free speech.. one of the best examples how much an organization can use its powers to suppress the Free speech .. after reading this article on wiki i was shocked how much money and power this church have used to stop ppl frm talking abut it..

The war against Scientology now has been taken up by an BBC reporter
John Sweeney ... he was tryin to investigate this church and found some really shocking things.. which are listed here on bbc news panorama page ..

Scientology has always been tryin to suppress the free speech against it .. again its the time when ppl will be getting united to fight against an autocratic system well this news has already hit the digg's home page so supporters are enough ...

its the time to watch wat happens to BBC will it b sued for presenting such program as the history of Scientology has remained or will it be able to survive with the support of user which getting united thru digg , slashdot ... time to see some more action for the fight for democratic Internet...

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