Thursday, December 28, 2006

Woman Sentenced To Prison For Raping A Sleeping Man

In a ground-breaking case, a 24-year-old Norwegian woman has been sentenced to nine months in prison and fine after being convicted of forcing sex on a sleeping man.

And that lucky man also.. got $ 6,385...

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a GF is gud.. but BF is not.. for ur health

Today i digged an article.. related to the year ending.. all those articles like.. wat this year was..this one was "50 things wat we didn't knew in 2005".. one of the most interesting thing that i found there was.. this research..

"Women gain weight when they move in with a boyfriend because their diet deteriorates, but men begin to eat more healthy food when they set up a home with a female partner"

Doesn't this explain why indian women get so so fatty after they get married.. its lyk they jst change in a day.. huh rather say in a month or so.. why is it so.. why women's diet deteriorates .. is it so that that gals only mission in lyf is to get a gud boy and then yipee.. nuthing more left to b done.. as one is caught .. okk it will hurt most of the ladies reading this.. but it remains a fact ... and the most obvious reason i c is.. mission accomplished.. ek bakra phas gaya..

ne more suggestions

The new extreme sport: running without shoes

"Barefoot running isn't for sissies," says Jonathan Summers, who took up the regimen after a couple of unshod runners pass him at a local race. "It's like running on sandpaper." Another man had a sports-injury specialist teach him how to remove deeply embedded thorns from his feet with a box cutter.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

wanna b Searchable.. on google

Have you ever searched your name on the google.. i did it lotss times.. wen i first started to use net .. after getting so much info from the net abut so many ppl .. i thought wat if sum body tries to google my name.. will she(i wud luv it to be " she" ;) ) be able to get me.. means info about me.. or my mail id to contact me.. but no hope.. i didnt had a blog at that time.. neither there were any social networking site(orkut , hi5 , myspace).. where people can find me by my name or by my likes dislikes nething... sooooo i was not search able(so sad )..i was connected to the web of net.. but nobody will be able to search me.. was a big disappointment...

Then came the era of all those social networking site and blogs... where u can search me ... but there has to sum more easy way then this.. to search sum thing as easy as... i fill up an application form and ppl will know.. i have don't want to maintain my website....

and the solution came the google's way .. google base .. (one more goolge product) all you need to do here is to have an google account.. now i assume everyone has one.. as google is so popular .. and fill up the details as many as u want and u got listed on web.. so easy.. isnt it...

Apart from its use to get urself listed in google's database .. it is very useful businessmen who wanna to list there products.. but dont have time.. or say knowledge to create a blog .. a site for themselves . .. they can use it very well.. its so easy and free of cost thing.. okk u wont b on the top pages of search but at least u get listed on the database and people will be able to search your products..

Not even business it can be used for nething to everything .. lyk job posting .. hotels.. vehicles , events... and the list is endless becoz you can create your own custom types so ppl go ahead.. and use it..