Thursday, May 17, 2007

Digg story repeats on Flickr : The Rebekka Story

Well its not been a while ago when a rebel broke off at digg for censoring a post.. this time the famous Photo site Flickr is in trouble.. wat it has done the same thing digg did.. deleted a pic from Rebekka a paid member and very famous photographer on flickr ..
Wat all she was tryin is to protest against a company who used her photographs without her permission and made lotss money after failing in legal battle against the company she used the best means to protest against them... Internet(Whoooo.. ) ... full story here

The fire spread and gone to Digg's home page.. u hit digg homepage u get thousands of supporters .. but wat flickr did deleted her post and this brought anger in flickr users jst lyk diggers did .. and battle started.. ppl gone made..

finally lyk digg .. flickr's co-founder responded to the rebellions and said sorry to them.. once again the battle is won ...

Internet has gone wild u jst can't do a single wrng thing ... ppl are watching u... beware ..

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