Friday, September 29, 2006

Monica bedi Fined Rs. 5000

Atlast for using fake passports monica bedi has been fined Rs. 5000... wow how big sum she has to pay ... but thank god she will b speding 5 yrs in jail so its okk.. becoz after so much misusing his boyfriend Abu Salem (plz fine him atleast 5000 CARORE) to horrify director's ... producer's and whole of the film industry... (pur ppl).. she shuld b given such kinda punishment .. or better then this.. its okk she get this much becoz ..hardly criminals in india get punishment.. and this speedier judgment is all due to Miss monica ya.. she applied for the speedier judgment... now c wen the Abu salem gets the retrun for his crimes..

Ruth Manorama

a unknown name for me.. but vry well know in wrold for the wrk she has done for indian dalit women.. and her work has been rewarded as she has bagged the 2006 Right Livelihood Award, better known as Alternate Nobel Prize for her work...
i wish her gud luck and hope she suceeds in her mission to improve dalit women's life

Fighting for survival...

After a long fight with the MP govt. the ladies who were on SATYAGRAH... having JALSAMDHI..have endend it.. it was all due to Hight Court of MP who orderd Indira Sagar Dam's authorities to look after the issue of these people.. all these ladies were under the water since 22 spet and govt has not even asked for their health .. wat kinda govt is this who cant even look after its ppl... its a crying shame that we live in such country.. where such inhuman govt exists ..
for whole news coverage go to this news paper

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Burj al-Arab a 7 star .. na na...

i recived a mail satating Burj al-Arab a 7 star hotel .. okey u recive lotss mail claiming this and that fact.. now this fwded mail claim the hotel to b only hotel in world having the status of being seven star(*) .. this 7 star thing reminded me of some other news also in wich one more hotel acclaimed itself to b world's only seven star hotel... now.. now ..curious me.. wanted to knw the truth... the way .. GOOGLE... yes man our vry best frend ... i googled it.. and found an wikipedia article abut the Burj al- Arab .. and found the turht tere also that.. its not an seven star hotel... rather its only a 5 -star luxary hotel.. and even it stated that the official site of hotel does not claims it to b a seven star... its jst sum publicity stunt.. becoz there is system of maximum five star.. not even six stars are alloted ... wich sum other hotel claim to b... although i cundt find where in the site of Burj al-Arab has listed itslf 5 star or seven star.. but for sure its not a seven star.. ya it seems to b vry vry gud hotel with all the luxarys.. but.. still 100% is the maximum u cant have more then that..

i wish i can stay there sum time.. such a nice roomssss.....

Monday, September 25, 2006

Trekking Guide

I found a vry informative blog abut the trekking in Sahyadri.. means arnd mumbai and pune.. this blog is a vry gud guide for all those ppl who wanna to go for provide lotss information abut almost all the Forts of Shivaji arnd mumbai and pune.. these all are vry gud places to b visited..the information provided is enough for even for a naive to get his heads full of Encyclopedia of Sahyadri..


Keep moving..

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I was reading a article in the orkut's media section... (if u haven't gone to that place.. then u will c me as good BOY.. if u have ur thoughts might change) ... newys in that article I was reading abut the internet hoaxes and the one of them is the lonelygirl15 yup there is sum gal with this id on the (a video sharing site) who regularly posts her videos ... her bedroom videos(dirty mind they are clean :P).... these videos are abut her life and the things happening around her.. but it seems to sum kinda publicity stunt for sum serial or sumthing to make a character popular becoz there are lotss of her videos but till date none of the agency has take responsibility for those videos ... its the mistry behind those videos that's driving ppl crzy to watch them again and again.. u shld also have the luk at wats gng on in lonelygirl15's life

chk out this video where she is telling abut her kissing exp.

have fun

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Searching E-books...

Ppl keep on asking me for e-books everytime.. and i do tell them sources to find them.. but doing a google for a e-book is not that easy ..becoz most of the results u get are unnecessary .. or not relevent.. they are sum promos of the books or sumthing related to books .. but wat we want it the either rar or sumthing so here are few tricks to help u out.. in finding e-books u want..
(i found them in a mail thnks to Ankur Patel)

" +("index of") +("/ebooks"|"/book") +(chm|pdf|zip|rar) +apache "

JST put this line in google wothout quotes.. and u will get the pages wich have listings of e-books.. the last wrd apache is there becoz most of the webservrs are apche ...

now if u want a specific book then try this thing..

"allinurl: +(rar|chm|zip|pdf|tgz) TheTitle of the book "

Put above line in google with "The Title of the book" replaced by the name of the book you want .. lyk if ur searching for "the vinci code " then put this in google

allinurl: +(rar|chm|zip|pdf|tgz) The vinci code

and u will get wat u wanted... hopefully.. it might not give u exact results but for sure its gonna to reduce ur efforts to search an e-book..

Keep READING.. :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Job Seekers Blog

Today only i found a news abut the Microsoft's job seekers Blog in Economictimes. .. so wud lyk to share it with u all.. this is blog is really gud.. post's are frm recuriters .. of the MSFT... it has got vry gud information for the job seekers ... its not jst for the ppl searching job at microsoft ... it has sum wonderful tips abut the resumes and posting them.. But one thing that hurt me a bit.. they have spcific mail ID for jobseekers of PAKISTAN but NOT for INDIA.... why INDIA is being grouped with rest of asia and pak a special one.. dont knw the reson but newys it a worth to visit..

Friday, September 08, 2006

Vande Mataram ... With Shame...

I still remeber my School days wen i was "FORCED" to sing Vande Mataram daily in assambly... as a student it doesnt mean much to me.. jst one more prayer in the assambly.. along with "Jan Gan Man "... ya i knw they both are vry respected sngs of our nation.. and one must feel proud for them.. but .. in school days.. u jst sing them... its a daily practice wich has to b done.. wheather u lyk it or.. not...

But i belive every indian feels a sensation in his body wen listns to National anthem or sng.. i must commit here National anthem feel more patriotic to me then sng.. i dont knw why.. might b the rythem it has..or the wrds.. but i jst prefer it..

This things define india.. the unity the bortherhood amongst us... but due to sum dumb politicians specifically "Arjun Singh".... who tried to play sum dirty politics with it.. and the poor "BJP".. which got caught in it.. the spirit of vande matram is lost.. there is no pride left in saying that its "OUR"(the whole indias) national sng...

Lotss ppl celebrated 100 yrs of national sng.. who dont even rember whole of it .. they celebrated it becoz it diplayed there anger against sum community.. but in any case its not showin there respect towards india... they are not indian.. they are jst sum Puppets in the hands of politians who are playing games with them.. if they were indians why didn't they celebrated 15th august or 26th jaunry with so many posters posted they did for VandeMataram day celebration.. becoz celebrating 15th aug wont give them anything.. every indian celebrats it.. even Muslims do..

50 yrs ago .. foreingers used the policy Divide and Rule now our vry own so called "desh bhakt" are using this for their personal gains... and evry politician is using this.. either by supporting minority or by oppsing them.. and biggest shame v indians are still getting divided...and Ruled..v luv to live lyk "GULAM"...

i dont wanna to say Vande Mataram for proving that im indian.. and specially not wen sum1 is misuing it.. i wish i will again say VandeMatram with pride ... wen this dirty politicians are out of it...

Listen to VandeMataram

Monday, September 04, 2006

Lalbaugcha Raja..

Ganpati bappa moriya ...

Its not ususal for me to go to sum mandir untill and unless my mom asks me too.. but even then i visited "lalbaugcha raja" the most Famous Ganesh Mandal in mumbai and i think the oldest one Public Ganpati too ... Being in mumbai and u dont get impressed by Ganpati celebration thats impossible..

So jst after gettin so much impressed we decided to got Lalbaugcha Raja .. Lambi si line.. bahut saari bheed.. bas yahi dikha waha.. we found the start of the line.. and Got ourself over there.. the line was moving speedliy.. in jst 45.. mins we coverd so much of distance.. God we are moving so Fast..

But then come the real SHOCK.. the line wich we were in.. is not the line for Ganpati... it starts ..but.. it doesnt reach to the pandal... the other end of the line is open.. wat a suprise.. then we saw the other line.. thank god there is sum line to reach to the pandal.. okk lets join this line.. lets go find its start.. .. keep goin.. goin .. goin.. is this line has a start.. no... there seems to b no start.. asks one person.. "how long have u been standin here" .. "2 0'clock".. and still u have to wait 1-2 hrs more to have the darshan.. Hopeless.. we are not gonna to b part of this line.. lets try sum trick to get in to this line.. humm found a crowd.. nice place.. try to adjust ... lag gaye line mein.. par ek mein hui.. uncle uncle ye bhaiya line mein nahi the pehle.. chalo nikalo line sey.. humm lets try sum other place.. tried four times.. but no chance useless.. it can't b done.. "Apne baas ki baat nahi hai ye log 2 baje se khade hai yaha pe".. nikal lo apan to yaha sey...

so .. Ganpati to nahi dekhe.. worli Sea face hi dekh lete hai.. aur sham waha bita di.. and this way the weekend ends...

And for all those who were not able to visit.. Lalbaugcha Raja.. try this link .. the Hi-tech way to do the darshan

Here are the directions to reach Lalbaugcharaja through google maps

“Ganpati bappa moriya, Pudcha varshi laukar ya” (O Lord Ganpati, come again next year soon)