Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I was reading a article in the orkut's media section... (if u haven't gone to that place.. then u will c me as good BOY.. if u have ur thoughts might change) ... newys in that article I was reading abut the internet hoaxes and the one of them is the lonelygirl15 yup there is sum gal with this id on the (a video sharing site) who regularly posts her videos ... her bedroom videos(dirty mind they are clean :P).... these videos are abut her life and the things happening around her.. but it seems to sum kinda publicity stunt for sum serial or sumthing to make a character popular becoz there are lotss of her videos but till date none of the agency has take responsibility for those videos ... its the mistry behind those videos that's driving ppl crzy to watch them again and again.. u shld also have the luk at wats gng on in lonelygirl15's life

chk out this video where she is telling abut her kissing exp.

have fun


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