Monday, September 04, 2006

Lalbaugcha Raja..

Ganpati bappa moriya ...

Its not ususal for me to go to sum mandir untill and unless my mom asks me too.. but even then i visited "lalbaugcha raja" the most Famous Ganesh Mandal in mumbai and i think the oldest one Public Ganpati too ... Being in mumbai and u dont get impressed by Ganpati celebration thats impossible..

So jst after gettin so much impressed we decided to got Lalbaugcha Raja .. Lambi si line.. bahut saari bheed.. bas yahi dikha waha.. we found the start of the line.. and Got ourself over there.. the line was moving speedliy.. in jst 45.. mins we coverd so much of distance.. God we are moving so Fast..

But then come the real SHOCK.. the line wich we were in.. is not the line for Ganpati... it starts ..but.. it doesnt reach to the pandal... the other end of the line is open.. wat a suprise.. then we saw the other line.. thank god there is sum line to reach to the pandal.. okk lets join this line.. lets go find its start.. .. keep goin.. goin .. goin.. is this line has a start.. no... there seems to b no start.. asks one person.. "how long have u been standin here" .. "2 0'clock".. and still u have to wait 1-2 hrs more to have the darshan.. Hopeless.. we are not gonna to b part of this line.. lets try sum trick to get in to this line.. humm found a crowd.. nice place.. try to adjust ... lag gaye line mein.. par ek mein hui.. uncle uncle ye bhaiya line mein nahi the pehle.. chalo nikalo line sey.. humm lets try sum other place.. tried four times.. but no chance useless.. it can't b done.. "Apne baas ki baat nahi hai ye log 2 baje se khade hai yaha pe".. nikal lo apan to yaha sey...

so .. Ganpati to nahi dekhe.. worli Sea face hi dekh lete hai.. aur sham waha bita di.. and this way the weekend ends...

And for all those who were not able to visit.. Lalbaugcha Raja.. try this link .. the Hi-tech way to do the darshan

Here are the directions to reach Lalbaugcharaja through google maps

“Ganpati bappa moriya, Pudcha varshi laukar ya” (O Lord Ganpati, come again next year soon)


Blogger sim said...

arre.. bhagwaanji ki line mein gadbad nahin hoti bhai...wo tum jaise paapi logon ko aane ka chance de rahe the but tum logon ne wahaan bhi cheating kar di...:P

chal koi nahin.. as it is ganpatiji was very busy yesterday.. to teri baat shayad sunte nahin.. tujhe time nahin de paate na.... kabhi aaraam se fursat mein chale jaana and details mein unse baat kar lena.. :D

Monday, September 04, 2006 4:31:00 AM  
Blogger sim said...

and see now.. this time my comment is smaller than ur post... am trying to talk less these days.. ;)

Monday, September 04, 2006 4:33:00 AM  

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