Thursday, September 28, 2006

Burj al-Arab a 7 star .. na na...

i recived a mail satating Burj al-Arab a 7 star hotel .. okey u recive lotss mail claiming this and that fact.. now this fwded mail claim the hotel to b only hotel in world having the status of being seven star(*) .. this 7 star thing reminded me of some other news also in wich one more hotel acclaimed itself to b world's only seven star hotel... now.. now ..curious me.. wanted to knw the truth... the way .. GOOGLE... yes man our vry best frend ... i googled it.. and found an wikipedia article abut the Burj al- Arab .. and found the turht tere also that.. its not an seven star hotel... rather its only a 5 -star luxary hotel.. and even it stated that the official site of hotel does not claims it to b a seven star... its jst sum publicity stunt.. becoz there is system of maximum five star.. not even six stars are alloted ... wich sum other hotel claim to b... although i cundt find where in the site of Burj al-Arab has listed itslf 5 star or seven star.. but for sure its not a seven star.. ya it seems to b vry vry gud hotel with all the luxarys.. but.. still 100% is the maximum u cant have more then that..

i wish i can stay there sum time.. such a nice roomssss.....


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