Monday, January 14, 2008

Internet censorship in india

You can abuse Gandhi here but not Ambedkar or Shivaji(both ranjikant and maratha empror) . Why? because they have lots of followers or they are are part of big political agenda.and how it feels like to be charged with the charges of abusing Shivaji on internet your cyber cafe will be damaged or may be jailed.
But what if you have not done or said anything against any cult(these political leaders have made those great heroes a cult in India) but just because your ISP has give wrong information to police you are jailed and suffer in inhuman conditions over there for 50 odd days..
ask Lakshmana Kailash K a software engineer working in banglore .His alleged crime was posting defamatory photos of Chattrapati Shivaji on the social networking site, Orkut. He was arrested on the basis of the Internet Protocol address provided by his Internet service provider, Bharti. As it turned out, the IP address was not his.
But this took 50 days to verify that this was not his IP addres but of someone else.. he had to undergo lathi beatings and was made to use one bowl to both eat in and for using as a toilet. He has sent legal notice to his ISP, Principal Secretary (Home) Maharashtra government and the Assistant Commissioner of Police (Financial & Cyber Crime Unit), Pune Police asking for a compensation of Rs. 20Cr.(whoooping large sum of money).
What if he was not an educated person the case would have gone unattended by media no would have question police.
But why a person is kept locked for 50 days for what crime he has done posting abusive pics of Shivaji , nobody is going to put Mayawati in the jail for abusing Mahatam Gandhi (and we call him nations father). Under Indian constitution you are allowed to express your views until it hurts someone. But the rule is followed for few you can give any fatwa for killing bush , no one will ask you , you can declare prize for killing MF hussain no one will ask you unless you have political support but you say a wrong word against Ambedkar or Shivaji you will be killed mind you. You can debate over them they are always right you cant question over them. In the land of ram where even Sita was put against agni pariksha we cant question over some emperor are they above GOD.
and those who support these kinda things are they credible one they are asking for molester to be in any condition (as they seems to be north Indians) and very next day they will take some of them who are not north Indian to CM ask for their relaxation, as they are son of the soils so they are allowed to do anything they want why not let the investigation go and have all culprits punished.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fight corruption now(

This is what the title of the site that i discovered through digg(digg this article here). This is the story of an IAS officer (Indian Administrative Service) in India who is raising his voice against corruption around him.He is one of those few person who have courage to speak up against it.
But his wife does not want him to loose his life like other whistle-blowers like Satyendra Dubey, a government engineer who exposed corruption in the national highway building program. All his efforts to stop corruption seems to go in vein because no body came to know about it before he lost his life and even when media highlighted his murder it was for some time some hype was created .. inquiries set up. But then things came to usual nothing changed national highway building program kinda projects are still corrupt.

whistle-blowers) wife (Jayashree J.N) does not want history to repeat itself , so she has taken his husband voice to internet where it can reach to world. She is posting about all the thing on her blog(

India is deep down under corruption, our presidential candidates are facing it , but no body seems to be caring about them apart from using them for political battle. We forget the things as soon as they are out of headlines and let the corruption.This is time for all of us help support this voice and help him to stop corruption. Join the battle against corruption use your best weapon Internet.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Digg story repeats on Flickr : The Rebekka Story

Well its not been a while ago when a rebel broke off at digg for censoring a post.. this time the famous Photo site Flickr is in trouble.. wat it has done the same thing digg did.. deleted a pic from Rebekka a paid member and very famous photographer on flickr ..
Wat all she was tryin is to protest against a company who used her photographs without her permission and made lotss money after failing in legal battle against the company she used the best means to protest against them... Internet(Whoooo.. ) ... full story here

The fire spread and gone to Digg's home page.. u hit digg homepage u get thousands of supporters .. but wat flickr did deleted her post and this brought anger in flickr users jst lyk diggers did .. and battle started.. ppl gone made..

finally lyk digg .. flickr's co-founder responded to the rebellions and said sorry to them.. once again the battle is won ...

Internet has gone wild u jst can't do a single wrng thing ... ppl are watching u... beware ..

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Monday, May 14, 2007

BBC against Scientology

Scientology a very well know word in wrld free speech.. one of the best examples how much an organization can use its powers to suppress the Free speech .. after reading this article on wiki i was shocked how much money and power this church have used to stop ppl frm talking abut it..

The war against Scientology now has been taken up by an BBC reporter
John Sweeney ... he was tryin to investigate this church and found some really shocking things.. which are listed here on bbc news panorama page ..

Scientology has always been tryin to suppress the free speech against it .. again its the time when ppl will be getting united to fight against an autocratic system well this news has already hit the digg's home page so supporters are enough ...

its the time to watch wat happens to BBC will it b sued for presenting such program as the history of Scientology has remained or will it be able to survive with the support of user which getting united thru digg , slashdot ... time to see some more action for the fight for democratic Internet...

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Internet Radio dead or alive

A bill passed in US congress abut the fees of internet radio might make the it a thing of past .. or except big players lyk yahoo .. will b dead becoz the amount of fees they need to pay for might b higher then the wat they earn and wat they earn genrally these internet radio services are free one's ..
The webcasters don't earn nething out of these .. then how can they pay such huge fees .. and the way internet radio has affected our lives cant be ingnored well i came to knw abut "natasha bedingfield" kinda popular and some other unknown artists thru yahoo music only .. radio is a gr8 medium for selling muzik if u hear something for the first time on radio then u go for it to purchase it in shop.. its one more powerful tool provided by Internet .. and govt. as usual is tryin to suppress it by putting its illogical policies ..

But to a relief some senator are tryin to support the web casters and its all becoz of the support of the masses who have came in favor of Internet radio and sent the petitions to their local representatives ..

you can also support this cause use a gr8 medium digg yeah digg this story here

Lets hope our rocking radio remains alive ....

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Internet Democracy saga continues..

In my last post only i was talking abut the power of Internet democracy and how people are using it and jst now i saw one more rebel voice coming frm one more popular site ..

well the case here is little diffrent from previous one the site isn't blocking its users but rather asking its users to go against the SYSTEM and fight for their rights..

The story goes lyk this
"A young woman named Stacey Snyder was set to graduate last year from Millersville's School of Education. However, the administration decided to refuse her the teaching certificate she had earned after discovering a picture on Myspace of Stacey in a pirate hat and drinking from a cup. The caption was "drunken pirate." Better still, Stacey was of legal drinking age when the photo was taken. ........ "

and now the site is asking its strong user base which is from all around the colleges of US protest against this illogical system and do same as wat Stacey Synder did.. put ur drunken pics on faccebook , MySpace ..

Day after day the fight between SYSTEM(useless and illogical one's only) and ppl is getting hotter and Internet is playing a very major role in this to give a voice to people ...

wat comes next i dunno.. but the things are not going to b same as they were.. the world is turning rebellious whether its DRM or college authorities ...

original story abut the gal..

I wish all of you would support this.. gud luk..

To support her better you can mail your views directly to university president: Francine McNairy. Her e-mail is .

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Internet Democracy.. MAY 1

May 1 a day that will be remembered in the history of Internet democracy . This is the day when popular news site has to put down its services from the fear fear of being sued and shutdown(becoz of MPAA ) and then again need to put on well from the same fear of getting shutdown(becoz its users will run away from it ) .

The story start with a hex no.


this is not a usual no. its the no. which has shacked the roots of million users strong site ..

well its the crack for HD-DVD encryption .. this key has been roaming arnd for a while on net ... almost 3 mnths.. and suddenly it hits the digg's front page . Digg as any other fearful site(they should b) pulls down the the post relating to this and bans(deletes) users who have posted it.

Now the battle starts .. diggers mind speak " ur earing thousands of dollers on us and ur trying to stop us .. do hell with u.. " diggers unite and start posting more and more stories related to HD-DVD crack.. and making use of there network try to make the posts to hit the digg's front page..

digg fight's back it still tries to block the users posting these kinda things .. and uses fliter to stop such kinda content from being posted ..

but digger's u cant stop them they keep on posting n postin ...

Finally losses the fight and puts there weapon down ... put the site up taking the risk of being sued ..

well to show the world diggers have won the battle they make all the front page full of HD-DVD crack related posts ..

this seems to b a ONE TIGHT SLAP in the face of the people who are trying to control the Internet which is suppose to be democratic nature .. may need to close down its services .. if MPAA takes it to court..

But this battle has proved one thing Internet has to be democratic and no one can stop it..

The democratic nature of Internet these days is creating a big hype.. currently in my country ( INDIA ) a controversy aroused when govt. tried to put its decision on giving Quota (Reservation ) in technical institutions to the people of certain CASTE .. they are called OBC here .. in this fight between the students of general category(who don't get reservations ) and govt. the students united and in this Internet has played a major role .. it was only internet which connect students from all over India to unite on one single platform and voice against the govt.

The update on the govt. Vs Students battle is students have winning and govt. is loosing against the massive anger against its policies.

Internet was developed for Military usage which is not democratic by nature ... and now it is used as the most Democratic tool of the for FREE SPEECH (as u say in America ).. really developers of Internet have never thought they making such a powerful tool which will change the world.