Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Programmer or Developer

Wen i was searching for job.. i wanted to b a s/w developer.. all i knw a s/w developer do is.. writes code.. and for me being a programmer or an developer was of no diffrence.. rather i didnt wann to b s/w support engg's or in maintance... all i wanted is writing new codes.. all the time.. using new tech.. but recently i rade a article abut diff b/w developers and programmers it really clearifies ur view abut the misundersanting u have.. and if u want to b developer not jst a (slave) programmer who is doing jst coding coding and coding all the way.. this not wat a s/w developer does.. offcourse programing is part of .. but its not has lots of things.. buisness intelligence.. domain expertise.. wich ppl tend to lack... if u want to get the clear cut understrndin of the diffrence b/w developers and CODERS(programmer) go thru this article.. a MUST read... if ur starting ur careeer in IT.. then go thru it and decide ur mind wat u really wanna b...


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