Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Football Fever

Every one seems to have caught the Football fever.. either this way or that way.. u can c.. there status on yahoo ... or on orkut ..or any other place for that matter.. even the t-shirt logos have changed from “ I was born intelligent ..but education ruined me” to the logos of “Brazil”...[its finally out.. ], Germany ... etc.... everyone knows world cup football is gonig on.. and ppl are gng all the more “go go gaa gaa” over it day by day..... and specially we Indians... who, by the way, don't even have our team playing at the world cup... are gng crazy abut it .. v almost seems to have ignored our so called national game.. Cricket altogether...(the official national game was ignored long back as we all know.. ).. YES we have..!!

see.. India won test series after 35 yrs on a foreign land but no one seems to care about this... ,yes.. for ur information.... India beat West Indies...(finally..huh..!! ) and what shud be the headline was confined into a simple, small para and a pic.... on the front page of times of India.... that's it.. .. media is not giving enough coverage to it.. no big big shows for cricket..... nuthing.. rather..... the fall Brazil is making Indians cry.....

wats this happening.. v r cheering for England... v shout wen Italy wins.. at the last moment in the semifinal... or like me who slept during the day to watch the semi's in night .. n watch it till the last moment.. till 3'o clock... even wen i had to got to my office the next day....!!

wat the hell has happen to Indians... kids are playing football.. cricket bats are gone.. i didn't see them.. in anyone's hand since this wrld cup has started...

so i thought to analyze the things...(grt mind.. finally at work...).... wat is making me .. crazy abut football... i am not a gr8 footballer aur played much football in my school/collage time.. rather played GALLI cricket much...... even then.... i am crazy to watch world cup match..

is it becoz of the hype created by the media...?? every channel is having special series on football...(ggrrrhhhh I miss them coz I hv to come to my office )..... every one is trying to in cash the opportunity.. ya it might b one of the reason.. but it cant b enough to attract “ME” toward football...

is it becoz of my personality... lyk m not vry gentleman kinda person ( as u all must be knowing by now )...n.. cricket is for sure a gentleman's game.. i m rather a wild and crazy animal...[ girls BEWARE.. ] .. who loves thrill and adventure in life rather then.. standing and watching a ball to come and hit it .. and jst run a bit.. no this not me..!!

i feel more comfortable with Football.. its game of crazy ppl lyk me... i cant c ppl developing big tummy ... after becoming a regular player lyk sehwag.. and even then a gr8 player.. i lyk being more athletic and cricket for sure is game to b IDLE ... ... u have vry little opportunity to move or run.. jst stand there and watch the ball to come and go...

also.. its more time consuming... a test match takes 5 days to finish... and even a one day match takes the whole day...while in football... all is done and over with in just 2 hrs at the most..... its fast.. like the pace of today’s world.!!!

Apart from that I’ve never been such a gr8 crick fan.. i have info abut cricket jst becoz .. one of my close friend is crazy abut cricket ... who bunk's the college to watch cricket ... and watch whole of the test series...its jst becoz of him.. i have interest in game.....see.. I am such a gud friend..... I am with my friends always...[gosh.. am soooo.. modest ]

.....apart frm that.. some patriotic feeling attached with it.. after all INDIA plays it.. and whether i lyk this game or not i m for sure.. want India to win... so that makes me attached to cricket....
and i think all other indias who are now caught in football fever are ... ignoring cricket becoz they got a better option .. the football rather.. then following.. some Englishman's game... n trying to b lyk them ... even if they are not lyk that... v shld get over from that GULAMI feeling and dont try to b lyk Englishmen....they were theone’s who converted our dear gilli-danda to cricket... gggrrrrrrrhhh

Now on a serious note....
is it jst that .. or we Indians are .. very lazy .. i mean c.. our govt. dept. are not very active .. they are verrrrrry much.. lazy and which brings the disaster's lyk.. 26th july in Mumbai.. and still not learning from them.... our love for cricket shows .. our this attitude.. v love cricekt not becoz its an gentleman's .. rather just.. becoz it shows our system.!. u can c cricekt being played in any kinda office compound and all .. any one can play it.. without giving much effort..

v r counted in some of the world's poor countries..... even then.. v luv to play the game of riches.. wat it is for.. rather then playing football... which is considered as game of poor all around the world..or our national game hockey.. which nobody even talks about..... v go after cricket all d way.. v must think about it...!!

i am for sure waiting to c who wins the football wrld cup this year. .. i mean i might not b able to c it live .. i might b travelling that.. time.. i will try to get it on mob by yahoo .. the matchcast but i can't miss it... at least for some time ... i am getting all the action i need .. the game wich i feel is more lyk.. me..

i knw i might have hurt some of the Cricket fan's after all m living in the country where cricket is an.. religion but its jst my opinion not an advice to u..

so three cheersss for football....n i bet for ..ITALY who are u supporting..

Sim(who made it bit funnny)


Anonymous sim said...

*thinking... thinking.....mmmmm...... still thinking....*.............

Wednesday, July 05, 2006 7:13:00 AM  
Blogger gagangupta said...

i was rite ITALY won

Monday, July 10, 2006 1:35:00 AM  
Anonymous sim said...

ab bhai ne bola tha na italy will win.. to bas... italy ne hi jeetna tha..KOI SHAK..???? :P

Monday, July 24, 2006 11:40:00 AM  

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