Thursday, August 17, 2006

East to west....

The Floods of.. East indian states have shifted to.. west.. and.. Hot wheather has gone to.. east.. schools in Assam were shut down. due to too much heat.. surat was flooded.. while.. Bihar is not.. wich used to b regularly.. even the floods rt now are man made.. no heavy rains... all u need to make flood is open the gate of Dam's at WRONG time.. and lets hundreds die.. no one will question... becoz ppl are so used of suffering... why not we shld suffer we are making it.. we are making the floods... jst wanna to live in luxary.. who cares abut... NATURE.. fuck.. it.. even me.. sitting here in AC enviorment.. dont wanna to care abut .. all i care abut is me.. But is it too late to care for mother nature.. are v goona to end this planet soon.. few hundred yrs of life left on the earth... nuthing can b done.. Dino's gone... so is.. gonna b Human's.... Bye bye... Human


Blogger sim said...

its been years and years that we humans hv tortured Mother Nature... and mind u, She always fights back.. in different ways like earthquakes, volcanos, floods , famines, Tsunami.. and so on... and we are always thrown into bits and peices.. *shrugs*
but we always stands up again, all the same and dont change ourselves and do the same mistakes again n again...

we say this is wrong.. but are we contributing anything to make it right..?? we talk abt it so seriously and act as if we r really concerned.. but ask ur inner self.. are we really concerned..??
and am sure that the answer wud be "no"..

so...just sit and relax...munch ur popcorn, have a coke and be a silent spectator to see the death of humanity coz if u cant change urself.. then dont even expect others to change!!
remember... Charity begins at home! :)

Saturday, August 19, 2006 10:46:00 PM  

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