Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Music of omkara

After listening to the album, one concludes that the experience is new but not that would be everyone's cup of tea!

The tital Track omkara is simply a song with the soul but hard to get in first time.. eventhen its music is made for masses so for sure gonna b hit for sometime atleast...

Namak Issak Ka Rekha Bhardwaj sings this track that is based on Indian classical music and has an old-world feel to it.. the wrds are not those indian classical music .. rather they are those.. Bihari ones.. the language of common ppl over there... but the music for sure has got the real touch of classical music...

'Naina Thag Lenge' that is quite an impressive piece of composition. Yes, the song again has a classical feel to it but there is something about this slow paced number that makes one go for the repeat button. It give u advice not to b fooled by those Nahiley Naina.. dont u fall in love with the eyes .. watever ppl say.. "eyes speak truth" .. but eyes do fool u and make u to do those nonsens things wich u wish u have never done.. either follow its adive and beware of those Nashiley Naina ;) ... or jst fall in love with this sng...

Lakkad Jal Ke Koyla Hoye Jaaye a song about heartbreak by Rekha Bhardwaj, it is yet another 'raaga' based number that would be appreciated most by those who understand Indian classical music. Set in a manner that would suit a dark lonely night, its sound should create an impact in the narrative but isn't of the kind that would make masses play on the album on and on. But for sure u wud lyk it to b ur companion in ur time of loneliness or in the mood to sit back and realx and enjy sum.. slow and soothing music... this will touch ur heart for sure.. as it touched mine.. its ma fav. sng in the whole album..

The Tragedie Of Omkara
a 1:36 scnd sound clip give u the feel of sad ending of the story.. unlike those happy ending romantic bollywood film this film is different with a sad end..

Omkara is an album for those who are simply tired of anything Bollywood those Himesh reshamiya sngs wich are all over the indian music channels one and the same song repeated everywhere ... or those English copied pop .. rock.. rap.. remix sngs... wich makes u feel so sorry for the poor indian filmmakers ..

But if u wish to hear a new sound with distinct classical shades the original sound of india...that has got the difffrent stuff to suit new genrations ears ... for sure u need to listen Omkara...


Anonymous sim said...

arre.. i will listen to the songs... once u will mail them to me..:P!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006 11:18:00 PM  
Blogger Bina007 said...

I loved the title song - great use of Sukhvinder Singh's particular vocal style. I didn't think the item numbers held a candle to Kajra Re, but O Saathi was really lovely.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006 10:30:00 AM  

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